Depondt Fiberworld was established in 1984 as Depondt Recycling, a commercial enterprise dealing in waste paper and plastic waste. It formed the link between the many collectors of waste paper and the waste paper processing industry. They also traded in plastic foils, albeit only in a limited way.

Over the years, the landscape in our branch of industry changed considerably as a result of the more active participation of waste and refuse processing companies, and the opening up of the markets in the Far East.

All the more reason for Depondt to gradually change the focus from the bulk waste paper and plastics to specialty products in the niches of these markets.

The emphasis is still on paper and plastic products, but now lies specifically on the qualities that can no longer be utilized for the first choice applications they were produced for, but which may be used as second or third choice materials in other applications. Unusable products are still cut and pressed into bales as raw material for the paper industry. From rejection to recycling.

In 2002 our company moved to its new location at Windmolen 6, on the industrial estate Randwyck-Zuid in Maastricht, ideally situated along the motorway from Maastricht to Liège. Here you will find the 3,000 m2 hall where the products are processed.